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"3 Faces of Mark-O"

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~ Sorry, Not for Sale - One-Of-A-Kind Commissioned Art! ~

This artwork came about when the client gave me almost complete control over creativity. I basically got to choose the photos I worked from, along with the style. I was given minimal direction with color, red being the most prominent request. The gentleman in this portrait did lean toward my main reference photo being one with half a beard due to having what he said is a "complicated personality." Fair to say pretty much every human being has a complicated personality, but I get the idea - it definitely makes you wonder what's going on there. Plus, I am happy to do pretty much anything in art that I have not seen done before, and a half-beard qualifies. I purposely used several of my favorite Mod Pop Art staples in this one - color gradient ellipses, silhouette overlays, and floating heads! Furthermore, I feel that art done well either tells a story or asks questions about the scene or subjects, and with this one I at least attempted to do both. What is the significance of the blood-red ellipses and why do they emulate from his left eye? Why is the center face so striking ... and radiating yellow, almost sun-like? Why are the two faces on either side also red? Why are there three faces at all? Why does he have just a half-smile, while his eyes aren't really smiling? The beauty is that you can answer those questions however you like by creating your own back story. And for me, this might just be the beginning of a "3 Faces" series ...
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