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"Miguel's World"

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~ Sorry, Not for Sale - One-Of-A-Kind Artwork! ~

OK, you got me - this was not actually a "commission." In fact, this piece was a gift for my son, Miguel, on his 10th birthday. I tried to include all of his favorite pop culture icons (at the time) in an odd and surreal world of wonder that he would want to be a part of, or at least visit and explore. A massive undertaking, I packed so much into this one that it still holds the record for the most number of individual characters/items in any one piece I've done, not counting large wall murals. Even the well over 100 starburst stars were individually drawn and arranged so that each one would be unique. It is also different from most of my work, in that it features several different drawing styles in one, which I don't generally do, but I feel it worked in this case and was necessary for accuracy. Bottom line: Miguel loves it, so I'm happy!
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