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"Shakes the Clown" (Jack Cheese Variant)

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~ Sorry, Not for Sale - One-Of-A-Kind Artwork! ~

Check out the Shakes the Clown Collection!

When I offered to send Bobcat Goldthwait my "Shakes the Clown" and "A Shot of Whiskey" art prints, I wanted to make sure his were one-of-a-kind variants that no one else in the world would ever own. So I created the "Jack Cheese" and "Marty Fromage" variants (a little homage to pseudonyms Bobcat and Robin Williams used as a team in their early stand-up comedy days). I shipped the art prints to Bob and he was extremely gracious, even comparing my work to Warhol's, which is about the best compliment I could ask for. He also gave me a shout-out on Instagram, which was super cool of him. The moral of the story is some people are just badass human beings, and Bobcat Goldthwait is one of them.
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