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"John did a few custom designs for me and went beyond my expectations. Not only is John incredibly talented, but his work is done in a timely manner and his communication is outstanding - a big thing for me. I will be working with John more in the future for sure!!!!" - Cookie S., Producer/Engineer/Guitarist, Jamie Suttle Music



“Plaid Design is founded by an incredible artistic talent. We feel fortunate to own a beautifully designed art work by a one-of-a kind artist!” - Erika M., Mod Pop Art Commission Client



"I've known the owner for 30 years and he's always been one of the most talented people in my life. You won't do any better than Plaid Design for your graphic design needs!" - Darrin G., Owner, Warp Zone


christina-lyon-eden-250px-.jpg     christina-lyon-logo-250px-.png

 “I needed a groovy vintage album cover for my upcoming EP, and John literally brought it to life better than I could've even imagined! More importantly, his enthusiasm and dedication to the project made working with him enjoyable, easy and FUN! I really felt like he cared about the project and it showed through in his work. I highly recommend Plaid Design as you will get the attention and art your project deserves. I also must add that I was blown away at the turnaround time and how fast John works. I will surely work with John again on upcoming projects for my music! Seriously so happy, thanks again for everything, John!” - Christina L., Singer/Songwriter


novi-beat-logo-v2-transparent-bg-250px.png     novi-beat-logo-large-label-transparent-bg-250px.png

 “Why I loved it: simply amazing work! The design I asked for was delivered in the most brilliant and vibrant style. Thanks John!” - Lillie A., Co-Owner, Novi Beat



“I am beyond excited to finally share the official logos for Affinity Clean! My man John Lathrop went above and beyond to create exactly what I envisioned and then some! His talent and ability has far surpassed my expectations and I would hope that anyone looking for graphic design would reach out to him! His ability reaches far beyond logo design! You will not be disappointed, I promise!” - Christopher S., Owner, Affinity Clean and Affinity Green



“A number of people have asked me about the logo for Lem-Le Röcha. It was created by hand by John Lathrop at Plaid Design. He did an amazing job, and took his time to perfect the logo down to the very last detail in the lettering and the beard. I highly recommend anyone looking for design work to contact him. He won’t disappoint. Thanks John and Plaid Design.” - Jeff L., Co-Owner, Lem-Le Röcha



“Plaid Design created a logo and brand for my podcast. The price was right, the turnaround was timely, and communication was seamless, despite the fact that it was all over email (I live in Chicago, Plaid is based in Austin). The thing that stands out to me about Plaid is that they're not just a graphic design studio that knows how to treat clients, they also know how to stand out visually. I've never seen any graphic designer have such a strong, original, polished style of work. Don't take my word for it, either! Check out their portfolio! From the first image you see, it's clear that they've got something different going, and isn't that what you want to have for your project?” - Eli V., Owner, All People Are Famous Podcast



“Plaid Design created an awesome logo for my band. I gave very little direction on what I was looking for, which can be very difficult for designers, but PD blew me away with the first draft. Thank you!” - Chris S., Co-Founder, Light the Sun



“John is a great artist and designer and is super easy to work with. I can’t recommend him enough. I’m so happy with my Stevie Wonder print, and it’s something I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and work with John and Plaid Design. I promise you will be very happy with the finished product.” - Ferbie M., Mod Pop Art Client


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“I love Plaid Design. The whimsical and Pop Art designs are right up my alley. The full size signed and numbered pieces are beautifully printed - and I got a T-shirt to match. Thanks John!!” - Kathleen P., Mod Pop Art Client



 “I've been a fan of John & Plaid Design's ad creative work for years. Clean, elegant, and bold. His work is especially effective for urgent promotional material: eye-catching at any size.” - Seth E., Owner, Savant Studios