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"The Plaid Dove" (Version 1)

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Exclusive Limited Edition Quantity:
100 30x30" and 100 20x20"


"The Plaid Dove" series marks my first venture into what the kids call Abstract Art. I've always had a curious love/hate fascination with this genre, which is almost as broad in scope as art itself. The word "abstract" has always conjured so many questions for me ... does it take any actual artistic talent to slosh paint onto a canvas seemingly at random? Are the people who enjoy this style of art truly enlightened, or are they just pompous, rich snobs trying to create the illusion that they are smarter and more culturally advanced than everyone else? Was Jackson Pollock a genius, or just a weirdo? A little of both, maybe? I may never find the answers, but I figured the best way to try would be to jump right in and give it a go myself. I committed to creating a large square full of frenetic brush strokes in numerous colors, with no goal or frame of reference whatsoever. The result was that I spent more time on it and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Interestingly, I used almost none of the skills I use when I draw or paint a portrait, and was instead painting more by natural instinct or intuition ... a very different, but freeing feeling. It ended up looking kind of cool, but more than that, it opened my eyes to the process and the entire abstract genre. In fact, I dug it so much that I now feel I have another tool in the ol' art arsenal, which is always a good feeling. The thing is, it still wasn't complete to me ... despite the fact that I've seen paintings in similar styles sell for millions. As much as I liked my square of random shapes and colors, it's just not my style, and would seem like a cheap sell-out move to put this out there as-is and ask people to spend money on it, even if they might be prone to do so. I had to do my version of abstract. Which means adding shapes, silhouettes, patterns, and stark contrast. Thus, "The Plaid Dove" (Version 1) was born. This may not be "purely" abstract - whatever that might mean - but I feel more comfortable putting this out there because it's me, it's Plaid Design, it's Mod Pop Art. And I just hope someone out there enjoys it. More about the dove itself and the reason I chose it in the description of Version 2 ...


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  • Museum-quality archival fine art print/giclée on acid-free paper.
  • Exclusive Limited Edition run in this size and variant.
  • Each Ltd. Ed. print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist in graphite.
  • Each Ltd. Ed. print includes a detailed Certificate of Authenticity, signed, dated, and numbered by the artist.
All Ltd. Ed. fine art prints are printed in Austin, TX, USA by Miller Imaging & Digital Solutions using archival Canon Lucia pigment inks on acid-free premium archival matte paper (230gsm/9.5mil). Finely crafted using a professional archival process, the result is a museum-quality art print that will last 100 years or more if properly cared for. All artwork is printed to individual order as art sells, no mass-printing, so please allow 2-3 days for this printing process to complete before your art is shipped. Dimensions listed for Ltd. Ed. prints include a white border for proper matting (usually 2 inches around). Please refer to the image included showing an example of how your print will look framed on a wall (frame not included; example image not necessarily to scale).
OPEN-EDITION MINI-PRINT ARTWORK DETAILS: Mini-Prints printed on high-quality cardstock and usually include a 1-inch border. Not numbered or signed.