"Clifford" - 18x18" (1 of 50): $65

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Dennis Hopper as Clifford Worley is in arguably the best scene in True Romance, a movie with countless stellar scenes. But he's not just in the scene - he's a huge part of the reason it's the best scene. It's not easy to play off of Christopher Walken as a major mob boss, but Hopper more than holds his own, unsurprisingly. For this piece, I actually paused the film and took my own makeshift stills to work from. I carefully chose a pose in which Clifford is smiling, as he gets the last laugh by insulting Don Vincenzo to his core, something he knows no one gets away with alive. It's a scene that's intense, chilling, and laugh-out-loud funny all at the same time - a feat that's hard to pull off.

Shown on the wall, not necessarily to scale (frame not included).

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