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"Farewell, Bob"

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~ Sorry, Out of Print! ~

It's not often I do a straight-laced scene with no attempt at humor or absurdity, no psychedelia, and no surrealism or other oddities, but this is one of those rare cases. This work is a tribute to the all-time greatest game show host in the history of the universe, Bob Barker. The backdrop is a snapshot of Bob's final day on the set of The Price is Right after his stunning 35-year run. On the set, next to the camera, you see his chair with the iconic skinny microphone laid down, signifying the final curtain. The chair is propped in front of an antique television; on that television screen, you will see Bob Barker's very first day on TV, as producer Ralph Edwards introduced Bob to the world to host Truth or Consequences in 1956. The idea was to show the span of his entire amazing 50-year TV career in one piece of art. There's a very long and involved roller coaster ride of a story that goes with this piece, a commission that has a huge amount of detail (zoom in and have a look-see) and thus took me weeks to complete. In fact, the story is basically an ongoing saga that hasn't revealed its ending yet. The only thing I can tell you at this point is that the legendary icon Bob Barker himself now owns this artwork. And that, my friends, is pretty darned cool.


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