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I'm John Lathrop and I make Mod Pop Art.

Pop culture is family. We grew up with our movies, our music, our novels, our TV, our video games. Pop culture can influence, guide, and comfort us, especially that which is nostalgic. In this spirit, with my Mod Pop Art, I utilize pop culture as my primary subject matter to conjure feelings of warmth, pleasure, fun, exhilaration, and surprise by adding unexpected and humorous twists (the Mod) and shining brightly-colored lights (the Pop) on the people, places, and things (the Art) so many of us have admired and adored throughout our lives. And I do it without judgment or commentary, but with genuine reverence, homage, and love.

Mod Pop Art is available in museum-quality Limited Edition hand-signed & numbered archival fine art prints. Shop by category/collection or search for your favorite subject matter.