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"Hi, I'm Bob"

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~ Sorry, Not for Sale - One-Of-A-Kind Commissioned Art! ~

In 10th & 11th grade, Bobby & I were inseparable. Anywhere you saw Bobby, you saw me (& vice versa). Back then, I practically lived at his house, and his mom was a second mom to me. So when she recently asked me to Mod Pop Art-ize Bobby, I was flattered & more than happy to do it. Bobby was the kind of friend that comes along in life only a small handful of times, if ever. Bonus: he turned out to be an awesome dude as an adult. And his mom still rocks too! I love turning people into pop art, but it's especially cool to do for old friends. Here I had 100% creative control over the art (which was awesome!), with the only direction being the reference photo I was given. I have to say I love how this one turned out, as this color combination really pops, and you know how I dig my floating heads (inspired by my love for 1940s & '50s print ads) and my radiating color gradient ellipses! Another bonus was that I was able to do a T-shirt to complement the artwork, which is always fun. Hit me up if you are interested in the Mod Pop Art Portrait + T-shirt Combo!
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